Prime Minister Danny Philip says he is confident that "Melanesian countries have now entered a new era of MSG solidarity."

This statement follows the reconciliation ceremony which had taken place yesterday in Honiara, reconciling Vanuatu and Fiji over the MSG chairmanship row.

Solomon Islands had facilitated the successful ceremony and the MSG had successfully been transferred to Fiji.

Speaking during a dinner for the MSG leaders last night the Prime Minister said that this new will be one that is grounded on the "traditions and cultures of Melanesian brotherhood."

He explained that with the reconciliation ceremony yesterday "it clearly shows that Melanesian countries do not need to go to the United Nations or international courts to solve our problems but solve them at our own soil."

"The reconciliation ceremony had been the first of its kind and symbolizes the importance of Melanesian culture and tradition in the relationship of MSG countries."

The reconciliation comes after the former Prime Minister and Chair of the MSG, Edward Natapei, refused to attend the Melanesia Spearhead Group meeting in Fiji in July - where he was to have handed over the MSG Chairmanship to Fiji's Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.