The National Referral Hospital (NRH) Dental Services Department is once again grateful for donated dental equipment from the Ararat Private Dental Practice and Balarrat Rotary, Victoria Australia.

NRH Director of Dental Services, Dr. Ellison Vane expressed sincere appreciation and thanks to the donors, Dr. Charles Read a private dental practitioner who owns Ararat Dental Practice, and Dr. David Goldsmith owner of a private dental clinic in Balarat, Victoria, Australia.

Dr. Read donated dental equipment crucial for the oral examination which includes a mouth mirror, tweezer, and dental probe, and equipment for minor oral surgery which comprised of dental elevators and tooth extraction forceps. These are important when performing tooth extractions and dental fillings due to decay.

Dr Goldsmith on the other hand donated ultra-sonic scaler tips for the ultrasonic scaling machine at the NRH dental clinic, used for removal of calculus from the teeth, polishing of patient teeth and addressing poor oral health with gum problems.

Assistant Dentist Dr Winterford Mane showing drawers containing the donated items essential for addressing dental issues.

Receiving these items, Dr. Vane highlighted that the items donated are very expensive and if we are to purchase them ourselves, a significant amount of funds will need to be allocated.

“Therefore, these donations have spared us truly from having to spend a significant amount of funds and the people of Solomon Islands will greatly benefit from these donations”, said Dr Vane.

He added that the donations are also timely as the NRH dental clinic refurbishment and upgrade had only been completed in the past month and more importantly having these important tools to work with will enhance the capacity of NRH dental clinic to see more patients and broaden the range of the type of dental treatments that our hospital can offer.

Dr. George Malefaosi, NRH Chief Executive Officer, also joined Dr Vane to share his deep appreciation towards Dr. Read and Dr. Goldsmith describing their donation as a demonstration of their wonderful giving hearts.

“Dental problems are increasing as can be seen in the now hundreds of people seeking various dental services every day. So thank you so much for the donation, truly a blessing for our hospital and patients who will require services that this equipment will be used to provide”, said Dr Malefoasi.

The CEO also thanked the networking and continued strong relationship between the NRH dental team with their counterparts in other countries that the hospital has greatly benefited from.

Dr. Read first established his relationship with the NRH dental services in 2009 and Dr. Goldsmith in 2017.

Source: MHMS Media