A new and improved Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Act and Regulation is expected to be ready for Parliament by September this year.

The consultations with the Members of Parliament on the proposed CDF Act 2023 and its regulations is the final consultation the Ministry of Rural Development have with the MPs before the proposed draft goes through other legislative processes.

It was an exhaustive consultation but a very successful one as national leaders from both government, opposition and the independent side deliberated on the proposed draft CDF Act.

Though MPs turnout was unfortunate, the consultation ensued as some of the government MPs were understood to be on official engagement overseas with the Prime Minister and others were engaged in other official commitment.

The consultation is intended to get MPs invaluable inputs into the proposed draft CDF Act 2023 to form an informed legislation that captures and addresses most of the issues and challenges the country face not only on CDF but in development as a whole.

During the meeting, the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) officials enlightened the MPs on the inefficiencies of the existing CDF Act 2013, major areas of amendment under the new Act, pros of the newly proposed Act and the need for a new CDF Act.

The session allows free discussion among MPs, technical officers of MRD and Office of the Prime Ministers (OPMC) officials on the proposed changes.

MP for Small Malaita Constituency Rick Houenipwela spoke highly of the proposed draft legislation and said that it is long overdue.

He also commended MRD under the guidance of Minister Hon. Duddley Kopu and the leadership of the Permanent Secretary Dr Samson Viulu for the courage and brave commitment towards the reform work as initiated and led by MRD together with the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Hon. Houenipwela attested that CDF is the only funds that touches household’s and lives in the rural areas apart from other funding (s) therefore, it is very important that this legislation is passed, not for the benefit of MPs but for the benefit of the country especially our rural populace.


Source: Press Release, Ministry of Rural Development