Many people associate the Wogasia Festival, celebrated every year on Santa Catalina Makira Province, merely with its spectacular spear fights.

A new book on sale in Honiara titled Wogasia: Festival of Fertility and other ceremonies of Aorigi, gives the reader an opportunity to enjoy beyond the clatter of spears and shields, the real spirit.

The author, Moffat R. Wasuka, a native of Santa Catalina himself, has drawn his material for the book, not only from research but also from many years of personal experience in participating in the festival. The book is the first on culture of the Region to be written by a native of the area. The book will make interesting reading to general public and researchers.

Published by Bdub Graphics Solutions, the 50-page book also has a chapter on boy initiation, a bonito culture every boy in the area must pass through in order to attain manhood; death feasts which play an important part in inheritance of customary land, and Festival of Nuts which Santa Catalina islanders celebrate every year to officially close each nut season.

The book, in colour pictures opens with a short chapter about the island and the people which set the background to the chapters that follow by bringing to the reader a brief geography, history, social and political organisation of Santa Catalina.

The book sells at SBD$150.00. Online orders could be placed with or for more information contact 677 7666488.

The Author grew up on Aorigi in the 1950s. He was educated in Solomon Islands, New Zealand and the UK, and worked for over 35 years in different educational institutions in Solomon Islands and the Pacific region. He retired in 2008.