Thirty-nine Solomon Islanders have been granted prestigious Australia Awards Scholarships to study at universities in Australia and the Pacific in 2017.

Deputy High Commissioner Mick Hassett congratulated the scholarship recipients at a pre-departure brief to help the students prepare for living and studying in a new country. He encouraged them to prepare for a challenging and rewarding experience.

The Deputy High Commissioner said ‘Australia Awards are prestigious awards that will contribute to economic and social development in Solomon Islands’.

Scholarship recipients were joined by Australia Awards Alumni and the Scholarship team at the Australian High Commission who briefed the group about what to expect and how to prepare for living and studying in Australia and the Pacific.

Deputy High Commissioner Hassett said ‘People-to-people links between Australia and Solomon Islands are an important outcome of the program and I encourage you to establish networks with your fellow students and university contacts’.

Students will begin Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in 2017 in fields including health, education, Information Technology, business, law, engineering, environmental studies and gender.

New students will join a growing Australia Awards Alumni that includes leaders and professionals who are making great contributions in the public sector, business and academia.

Press Release: Australian High Commission Office