MADRID, SPAIN - A new magazine launched by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will help raise awareness and understanding of development issues and challenges concerning the Asia and Pacific region.

Launched yesterday on the eve of the 41st Annual Meeting of ADB's Board of Governors in Madrid, Development Asia features topical issues, commentaries from leading figures in Asia, and innovative research and projects.

"As a knowledge institution, ADB is committed to increasing awareness of Asia's development challenges and encouraging innovative solutions from around the globe. Development Asia is part of this effort," said ADB President Haruhiko Kuroda.

Development Asia, he said, also adds a new and more public face to ADB's knowledge-related products and services.

"The aim of Development Asia is to bring the substance of these knowledge products to a broader audience, and to encourage more discussion of their findings and implications," Mr. Kuroda added. "It is also to provide a platform for discussion and debate on important development issues affecting the Asia and Pacific region."

The first issue tackles topics such as climate change, biofuels, genetically modified food, and food security.

UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Chair Rajendra Pachauri, who appears on the cover of the magazine, said it was important to raise awareness on issues such as climate change.

"This first issue of Development Asia will help provide accurate information and expert views about climate change, which has also been our mission at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change," Pachauri said. "We are happy to have ADB's support in this endeavor."