The Honiara Netball League super division kicks off with tough rivals Gold Ridge and Kossa battling it out in the court.

Saturday's game saw Gold Ridge One beating Kossa One by seven points difference at the end of what has been described as a satisfying match.

Accurate shooting by the Gold Ridge shooter and quick intercepts by the goal attack player pushed the team way ahead of its rival.

In the first quarter, despite Kossa's efforts to minimize chances of Gold Ridge sinking another goal, the latter's fast moves placed them one point ahead.

Kossa came back hard in the second quarter but could not beat Gold Ridge's wing defender, Cathy Taro who was quick to win the ball from her opponents, giving Gold Ridge a second win of 20 to 12.

An extra effort was put in the third quarter which saw Kossa defenders playing hard to narrow the gap and Gold Ridge walked off the court with a win of 14 to 12.

A determined Kossa continued to play hard to push for more goals in the final quarter but were not lucky as Gold Ridge maintained grounds with a 13 all draw.

The Gold Ridge team walked out at the final whistle with a 58 points win to the opponent's 51 point.

Observers commented that the loss for Kossa team is not so bad and that it was a good game.

Meanwhile, the game between prison service's Green Berets and Southern was won by the green side with 48 points to 30.