The Honiara Netball Association's official opening was held at the multipurpose hall on Saturday. The opening ceremony was highlighted by the uniform parade and the president's speech.

HNA, the oldest netball association in the country, has produced many talented players that have gone on to represent Solomon Islands in many regional competitions.

"HNA must further explore available potentials especially to either include senior school teams into its league or to organize separate school league. Honiara schools are seen as clubs catchments and strength for recruitment of younger players to be exposed to higher competitions. My executive will explore that possibility to enhance promotion of netball at the school levels", states the president.

The executive's planned budget caters for the competitions namely, the league proper, the super challenge and the league knockout. The 2007 league will compete in 3 different divisions with a total of 24 clubs competing for the 3 prestigious titles says, the president.

The president also highlights the importance of women's important role as ambassadors for peace and harmony. Netball is an instrument for peace as any other sport. "HNA, as an institution, provides women of different backgrounds to come together, interact, share time in companionship, breeds and foster friendship by socialization and recreation", says the president.