The Honiara Netball League has now come to an end and Green Berets takes the crown again for both Super and A Division. The GAS team is the champion for the B Division.

In the Netball Super Division, Police one on Saturday overwhelmed the 2007 defending champion, Sun rise.

Sunrise lost by two points to Police one in the knockout competition.

The pulsating game's first quarter score 14 points to 9 points, with Police leading. Defenders of both teams worked hard during the nail biting second half bringing Sunrise up to tie with Police.

However in the third quarter of the game it became more interesting as Police one's goal keeper Elsie Daiwo applied all her skills by stealing balls from her opponent. Sun rise flying girl, Goretti Teku who plays wing attack kept feeding balls to the shooters. However the 3rd quarter score stood at 10-12 in favor of Police one.

As the last quarter intensified, Sunrise proved no match for the tough Police as they won the knockout 48- 46.

However in the B division finals Kolozonga won their rival, Isa Blue with a total score of 27- 24.

It has been revealed that the HNA presentation night will be held this Saturday at the Rove Police club.