Origin gas has been given the go ahead by relevant authorities to supply gas to residents in Honiara.

Origin gas says approval has been granted by the police commissioner and relevant authorities for them to provide services during this lockdown.

They say they are now planning to go around suburbs (locations) in Honiara with the covid 19 livelihood team to exchange cylinders for customers with empties.

Following conditions will apply;

1. Maintain 2 metres social distancing
2. Wearing face mask
3. Cylinders will be sanitized before exchange
4. Pay on site
5. We stop at one location at your suburb to provide services then move on to next location

To help them with planning and identifying suburbs (locations) where customers will need gas the public are advised to call or text 7494762 or 7445619 and give them your cylinder size, location and contact number.

They will come to identified suburbs (location) this afternoon.

Standard cylinder sizes are 3kg, 4.5kg, 9kg and 45kg.

Exchange retail prices;

3kg -$80.76
4.5kg - $121.14
9kg - $242.28
45kg - $1211.40

New cylinders

4.5kg - $301.14
9kg - $542.28
45kg - $2,111.40

Call us now and we will come to you!

With Origin Gas