Students are seen roaming everywhere in the heart of the capital city on Fridays, still in their school uniform.

It was observed that students these days are less caring of their conduct whilst in their uniform, to the extent of puffing away cigarettes and chewing betel nuts.

"We are talking high school students here, some who are younger than 18 years of age," an observer told Solomon Times.

A walk through the streets of Honiara, the sight of students in uniforms screaming and shouting and making a lot of noise is true to words of observers.

"This is very destructing because Friday is a busy time for offices and here are students laughing and shouting around office blocks in the heart of the city without respect or care that they are disturbing office workers inside the buildings," a worker told Solomon Times.

Security officers looking smart in their uniforms can't even control what is now termed as "these annoying students."

Common of most places in Honiara for students is the Anthony Saru Building, situated in the center of town in Point Cruz.

It was raised that parents of these students may not realize that their children are causing a headache "but this is all about discipline, and parents should be a little more hard on rules with this young lot," states an annoyed worker approached.