Discipline is at the heart of everything you do, say and think, the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare told new police recruits at their graduation.

"... discipline describes the very nature of your work ... and ... a responsibility to uphold the highest standard of discipline that the [Solomon Islands Police Force] was known to be before it was compromised during the ethnic tension," Mr. Sogavare said in addressing the passing out ceremony of 29 new police graduates on Friday last week.

The recruits were also reminded of the need for the force to be competent as "criminals are getting smarter and crimes and issues causing insecurity and instability are getting complicated".

"The competency of the force depends on the kind of training and mentoring that young recruits are subjected to," the Prime Minister said.

He said that having successfully completed a 16-weeks intensive training program is an honour that cannot be taken lightly as it carries the trust and confidence of all peace-loving Solomon Islanders who still carry the bad memories of the year 2000 events.

"... the very people who are charged with the responsibility of providing security failed [Solomon Islanders]," Prime Minister Sogavare stated.

He expressed on the need for everyone to be appreciative of the fact that Solomon Islands is not a group of islands lost in the tropics but rather a part of the global community.

"... we must, as corporate citizen ... play our part in the fight against international crimes and terrorism," the Prime Minister added.

In congratulating the graduates, Mr. Sogavare commended the force for improvement in its position from an organization that exists to provide job opportunities for school dropouts to adopting a more serious recruitment policy that is conscious of the changing circumstances in the world.

He challenged the Police Force to move with the changing circumstances and to recruit qualified people in the appropriate discipline into the Force.

"There is definitely a need to recruit appropriately qualified people in appropriate discipline into the Force," Mr. Sogavare added.

The Prime Minister stressed that the responsibility falls on everyone to return the police force to its full strength and effectiveness.