Initial disaster assessment reports reaching the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) says communities in South Malaita and in North Guadalcanal has suffered extensive damages during a recent bad weather.

NDMO Media and Program officer, Julian Maka'a says more than five communities in South Malaita have experienced extensive damage to food gardens, houses and kitchens.

He says these communities which have received necessary relief supplies such as tarpaulins and water containers.

Mr Maka'a says a clinic was also reported to have been partly damaged but all medical supplies including drugs had survived the impact.

He says only two people have sustained injuries - both from Fanalei - during the strong winds.

Both have since been transported to Afio Medical Clinic for treatment.

Meanwhile, the NDMO is awaiting the reports from the Malaita Provincial Government.

Mr Maka'a says a team returned from the Longgu district of North East Guadalcanal, last night.

He says the team reported to the NDMO that the Totongu community suffered damage to cash crop gardens, but there were no deaths or injuries.

Mr Maka'a says the community and others affected in the area have received relief supplies also from the visiting relief teams.

He says that communities in the Longgu District experienced the same strong winds that had hit South Malaita over the Easter weekend and the NDMO office is still waiting on further reports.