The National Disaster Management Office has launched its annual disaster awareness campaigns through the media yesterday.

The campaigns will come through radio spots on the FM stations in Honiara, spots and a 15-minute radio program on the National Broadcaster, SIBC, as well as through the three newspapers in Honiara.

NDMO Director, Loti Yates, said when launching the campaign yesterday that the series is necessary as the country has again reached the cyclone season.

He said it's also important for the office to remind Solomon Islanders about the end of the year holidays.

"We all know that it's a time we get excited and do things we later regret," he said.

"It's a time to celebrate but we must make sure it's safe and enjoyed to the fullest, not to the extent that there is loss of life," said the NDMO Director.

Yates said although this time of the year is always unpredictable and whilst it may be fine now, it might be different in two to three weeks time.

Overloading of ships or canoes while traveling is risky and caution must always be exercised, he cautioned.

Yates said the awareness campaigns will involve partners in disaster management such as government departments and non-government organizations.

He said over the coming months, the 15-minute radio series will feature the roles of these different partners in disasters and appeals to people to take heed of the messages from the partners.

Yates said the series on SIBC will be broadcasted in the evening at 5:30pm and repeated at 6:40am every day.