Choiseul Province Premier Jackson Kiloe has told the National Disaster Management Office his government's priority is to allocate an office and accommodation for its Provincial Disaster Coordinator early next year.

Mr. Kiloe said given their experience following the tsunami last year which hit parts of the Western and Choiseul Provinces, it is important the office is posted to carry out awareness for all communities of the Province.

However, he said that a permanent office for disaster work will be in a new location on the mainland.

Mr. Kiloe said his government wants to ensure that the new location will be as safe as possible from disasters.

The Choiseul Premier urged members of his executive to ensure the work is fully supported when he's posted because it is absolutely important their people know what to do before, during and after a disaster impact.

Mr. Kiloe made the comments at Taro Island, the Province's capital on Wednesday last week in a meeting with three NDMO representatives.

Heads of Divisions in the Province also pledged to work together in addressing disaster risks on the island.

They said during the tsunami last year, most people who panicked jumped on boats and started outboard motor engines without connecting them to tanks.

The Heads of Divisions said now that they have some understanding of disaster management, they promised to work together with the Province's Disaster Coordinator.

The two-day advocacy meetings were part of NDMO's awareness raising efforts for all Provinces since the middle of this year.

The designated Provincial Disaster Coordinator for Choiseul Province is Nelson Anaia.

Source: National Disaster Management Office (NDMO)