With nominations for candidates to close later this afternoon the National Council of Women in Solomon Islands says it has helped prepare at least 26 women nationwide to run for office in elections next month.

Solomon Islands has had only two female parliamentarians in the 36 years since gaining independence from Britain.

The NCW President, Ella Kauhue, says the women are fully aware of the odds against them but she says they are hoping Solomon Islands voters have had their fill of false promises from self-serving politicians.

" We are very hopeful that more women will get in. And the message now is please voters, just to, look at women, look at their contribution and look at the leadership they played in the home, I think if they can demonstrate that quality of leadership in the home they will carry that quality leadership into parliament."

Solomon Islands will go to the polls on November the 19th.


Source: http://www.radionz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/257419/ncw-supports-26-women-in-solomons-elections