Solomon Islands plans to host its first national youth Parliament next year.

Minister for Women, Youth and Children Affairs Peter Tom revealed this in Parliament when he answered a question raised by the MP for West Makira, Japhet Waipora.

Mr Tom said 250-thousand dollars has been allocated in net year's budget for the Ministry to organise the gathering.

He said the National Youth Parliament will be a gathering of youth leaders to debate and discuss issues relating to youths just as national Parliament discuss national issues.

Mr Tom said a concept paper produced by an expert through support from UNICEF has been completed which spells out the rationale of the Youth Parliament and activities to be done.

The Minister for Women Youth and Children Affairs said that the Youth Parliament is tentatively set for the second quarter of next year.

Mr Tom said a committee has been established to work on the planned Youth Parliament and to make sure things are prepared according to plan.

Source: SIBC