The recently selected National Women's volleyball squad has been undergoing hard training at the multipurpose hall since the 19th of March.

The team, jointly coached by Thomas Tebaubau and Russell Timothy, and managed by Jaimie Vokia will for the first time take part in the qualification rounds for the 2010 World Championship.

The twenty member team consists of players who participated in the 2007 South Pacific Games and those that had been in training since November 2008.

They are; Calrose Gwali, Linta Vokia, Rosina Vahoe, Kimere Kiraua, Laesa Mua, Naessy Forau, Linda Tekoro, Lorina Nana, Evalita Reuben, Sogha Ken, Christaina Rapeka, Norah Tepai, Suzie Leong, Leah Fosala, Lilian Tupou, Maenu Gina, Hilder Lomulo, Kethy Peter, Dephnie Taranga and Lyn Kaery.

According to the Solomon Islands Volleyball president, Morris Maitaki, this has been the first time an International Volleyball Tournament is held in Oceania.

He further stated that team Solomon's participation will depend entirely on the Government and business houses support for their airfare as the International Volleyball organizers have shouldered other necessary expenses.

The upcoming 2010 FIVB World Championship Asian preliminary round is set for this April from the 20th-24th in Wellington, New Zealand.