The National University has extended its class hours to 13.

Since classes resumed last week, the Solomon Islands National University commenced classes from 8am to 9pm. This timetable will be effective until the semester ends.

This new schedule was established because of the disruption of classes, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since March, classes at SINU were suspended for two months.

Public Relation Officer, Estee Lonamei said SINU applied this timetable so that students can catch up on their school work for the months they have missed classes.

He said this timetable is subject to change, depending on the COVID-19 threat.
Lonamei said because of the health requirements, this timetable is suitable for the university, under the current situation.

“We need space for the one meter distancing within the lecture theatres and classes. So to accommodate everyone we have to shift the timetable to make it flexible for everyone,” Lonamei said.

While the university is getting along quite well with the new adjusted program, students are yet to adapt to the new schedule. The finishing time for classes at 9pm still needs time to get used to.

SINU Student Association President, Frezer Seulu said the timetable is helpful but he hopes the students will comply since classes finish at 8pm or 9pm.

“Students must make sure their families or guardians are aware of this new timetable. So far from the various campuses, since classes resume last week, all is well,” Frezer says.

From previous meetings, SINU is anticipating basic services to be provided for students, especially transportation services.

Public buses after class for students are yet to be confirmed. Part-time lecturers are yet to be recruited.

In the meantime there is five weeks to go before the semester ends. Semester two will start from the month of August 2020.