The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Women's Development Officer has called on the National U-17 Select Squad to attend their bi-weekly training sessions starting this Thursday 21st January.

This is purposely to prepare for the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) U-17 Women's Championship in April. The names of the U-17 Select Squad players were published in the local radio last week.

The squad consists of both Honiara based and provincial based players. The selection was conducted by the Technical Panel during the Our Telekom Solomon Cup tournament in November 2009. The Select Squad of 40 will be trimmed down to only 25 players after the trials are conducted.

According to Ms. Justus the team will be holding two training sessions per week for this month and February but more intensive training is planned for the month of March and the weeks leading up to the tournament. The weekly training days are Tuesday and Thursday and the training sessions will start at 3:00pm and end at 4:00pm.

At this stage Ms. Justus will be conducting the training. A management team including a coach will be appointed at a later date to look after the team's preparations.

All players are expected to bring their own playing gear including boots, shin pads and socks to training sessions. Ms. Justus is also appealing to the training squad members to ensure that they arrive on time for training to ensure that 3pm - 4pm training duration is followed.

The OFC U-17 Women's Championship (April) and the OFC Women's Nations Cup (October) will be the 2 regional competitions that Solomon Islands will send teams to attend in 2010. The Senior National Women's Team will be selected later this year.



1 Cathy Aihunu Honiara (MD)
2 Lenora Raramo Honiara (MD)
3 Wendy Ria Honiara (MD)
4 Rose Wale Honiara (FWD)
5 Agnes Noisi Honiara (DEF)
6 Esther Tarukari Honiara (DEF)
7 Noslyn M Honiara (DEF)
8 Maragret Gegere Honiara (MD)
9 Joyce Kauhiona Honiara (GK)
10 Corina Hasi Honiara (FWD)
11 Leona William Honiara (MD)
12 Sally Saeni Isabel Frigates (FWD)
13 Janet Gagame Isabel Frigates (MD)
14 Ella Vakatao Isabel Frigates (MD)
15 Mercy Gagahe Isabel Frigates (DEF)
16 Elizaberth Teiasi Isabel FrigateS (MD)
17 Joy Timo Isabel Frigates (FWD)
18 Everlyn Apa Isabel Frigates (DEF)
19 Chelsea Temotu Arrows (DEF)
20 Joana Alick Temotu Arrows (DEF)
21 Elizaberth Malau Temotu Arrows (FWD)
22 Alice Sanubo Temotu Arrows (GK)
23 Rose Mary Pine Temotu Arrows (DEF)
24 Jima Maenu'u Temotu Arrows (GK)
25 Glenis Inifiri Temotu (MD)
26 Veronica Wakahanta Temotu Arrows (DEF)
27 Estelle Ne'e Temotu Arrows (DEF)
28 Sarah Ragomo Western Turtles (FWD)
29 Karen Rove Western Turtles (DEF)
30 Mesalyn Saepio Western Turtles (DEF)
31 Virginia Leve Western Turtles (FWD)
32 Saqu Talasasa Western Turtles (MD)
33 Monalisa Tongaka Avaiki Chiefs (DEF)
34 Eileen Likaveke Kossa Women's FC (MD)
35 Judith Ialifu Kossa Women's FC (MD)
36 Janise Onika Kossa Women's FC (DEF)
37 Jennifer Takanairi Guadalcanal Hornets (DEF)
38 Veronica Tolivaka Guadalcanal Hornets (FWD)
39 Mirriam Oneasi Guadalcanal Hornets (FWD)