The National Referral Hospital (NRH) Catering Department, Food and Dietetic Services will revive its ward to ward awareness to patients this week.

The ward to ward awareness is a program within the hospital which food and dietetic service will visit NRH general and acute wards to do awareness on healthy eating.

National Referral Hospital (NRH), Catering Department, Food and Dietetics Services, Nutrition Officer Ms. Tasha Seke explained the ward to ward awareness is when the nutrition officers visit wards and do short awareness talk related to the following;

  • diets
  • my healthy plate
  • the three food groups
  • food portioning
  • complementary food preparation
  • importance of breastfeeding
  • the effects of eating too much foods that contains high sugar
  • The effects salt can have on our health and answer questions patients might need clarification on.

Ms. Seke said the ward to ward awareness program had stopped during the COVID-19 period and this year the team wishes to revive the service.

“Example during the awareness will speak on the types of food that contains a lot of sugar, salt and fats. and what types of right food and amount of food diabetic patients should eat”, explained Seke.

She added a contributing factor lot of amputee patients have admitted at the hospital for longer period because their wounds take time to heal or because they have high blood sugar levels.

“Therefore, this ward to ward awareness will surely help these patients because from this awareness their guardians will listen and know what types of food and the right amount of food to prepare for their sick relative”, said Seke.

She added the ward awareness is very important because currently NCD cases is on the rise and the awareness will help the doctors and nurses in terms of awareness.

Meanwhile, Seke thanked SPC for the nutrition posters given to food dietetic services at the NRH, stated the posters are very handy to their awareness program.

Source: MHMS Media