Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) remains grateful towards the continuous support from its partners in its ongoing efforts against COVID-19 global pandemic.

MHMS Deputy Secretary Health Care and Incidence Controller (acting), Dr. Gregory Jilini received the GeneXpert and a laptop on behalf of the National Public Health Laboratory from the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Acting Health System Coordinator/Consultant, Dr. Magdi Kassem.

The machine was among a total of 14 GeneXpert machines initially funded by Global Fund through WHO program to support national TB initiatives. All of the GeneXpert machines have already been distributed across the provinces except for the one handed yesterday which has been repurposed to support with work of the National Public Health Laboratory.

Dr. Kassem in handing over the machine, acknowledged the great work that health continues to play in the COVID-19 response phase. “ We are pleased to note that current efforts have so far been successful especially with swift detection, containment and elimination of the virus within the quarantine and isolation wards”,

“This handing over of the GeneXpert machine and a laptop to the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Laboratory is part of our ongoing support towards health efforts in this COVID-19 response phase and will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Health both in its COVID-19 operations as well as delivery of other normal services”.

In response Dr. Jilini thanked WHO for the close partnership since the commencement of the COVID-19 operations.

“Our success in timely preparedness and current efforts to prevent any community transmission and outbreak of the virus is very much due to the close and strong working partnership with WHO. Thank you for the GeneXpert machine and the laptop which will greatly expand our capability to perform COVID-19 tests”.

“Currently all tests, for suspects, incoming and outgoing travelers including testing of people in quarantine stations as per the relevant quarantine testing protocol are all done at the National Referral Hospital’s molecular laboratory. Therefore, a lot of pressure on the NRH’s testing machines and lab staff”,

“This GeneXpert machine delivered to the National Public Health Laboratory will enable us to relieve some of the pressures particularly tests with minimal risks such as pre-departure testing, or even testing of people in quarantine stations from low risk countries. Thank you WHO, thank you indeed”, stated Dr. Jilini.

Source: Joint Press Release (MHMS and WHO)