The Solomon Islands Government has launched a National Human Resources Development and Training Plan (NHRDTP) that aims to support better employment prospects for the country’s growing youth population.

The plan provides a framework within which updated priorities based on evidence are coordinated to assist multiple agencies implement initiatives to build skills and employment for people.

The development and subsequent formulation of the plan was coordinated by the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination (MDPAC) through a consultative process among various stakeholder groups including the private sector, civil society groups and the Government.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination Jerry Manele said the plan is an important Government initiative to develop a skilled workforce that prepares Solomon Islanders for jobs at home and abroad.

“Our large and growing population of young people need opportunities for employment and the government recognizes the importance of a coordinated national action to support better employment prospects for our youth,” Mr Manele said.

Mr Manele also said that Solomon Islands must supply the skills needed by employers and by available economic opportunities in order to achieve the longer term National Development Strategy and the Medium Term Development Plan for sustainable growth.

“The success of major new economic initiatives and projects relies on Solomon Islanders being able to fully participate in them as well as developing skills to grow their own livelihoods,” Mr Manele said.

Meanwhile, a workshop to discuss our workforce development priorities supported by the Ministries of Development Planning, Education and Commerce, the Australian Government and the World Bank was also held after the launch today.

The workshop learns from other countries’ experiences of areas that work which may lead to improved employment. 


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit