The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) is now back on-air after the Solomon Islands Energy Authority restored power supply following a long power blackout at the SIBC's Henderson transmitter.

The SIBC General Manager, Cornelius Rathamana, said he was pleased that the people of Solomon Islands were again able to hear broadcasts from both 1035 AM and 5020 Shortwave.

The National Broadcaster is the only realiable means of awareness communication during such a time to the many remote islands in the country.

The General Manager said that the electricity to the area was cut early on Tuesday morning. It was thought that the strong winds from the passing Cyclone Ului had caused trees to fall on top of the power lines between the Lunga Power Station and the Henderson sub-station.

SIBC began broadcasting again throughout the Solomon Islands on 1035 AM and 5020 Shortwave just after midday yesterday.

The SIBC General Manager apologizes to the public on behalf of the Corporation for not being on air when it was needed the most.