Makoma band member, Ms Nathalie Makoma, will return from Holland for two live concerts here in Honiara on the 14th and 15th of this month.

There is an air of excitement amongst the youths with posters of Makoma posted in almost every corner of Honiara.

The Makoma band is a huge hit in the Solomon Islands. With their irresistible blend of African, Soul and Reggae, Makoma has established a solid fan base here in the Solomon Islands.

Tickets for the two live concerts are selling fast, and, from random interviews in town, many have traveled from the outskirts of town and from the rural areas to see Nathalie live. "I missed the last tour so I am not going to miss this one," said Mena Joel form Guadalcanal, who travelled to the capital from the Weathercoast. "It's just encouraging to finally see bands coming back to Solomon Islands especially after quite a while."

"We just want her to put on a good quality show for us...we are here to enjoy every bit of her show while we have the chance," said Mr. Wilfred Botkoli from Central Province, who travelled to Honiara on a two hour boat ride.

Makoma's first concert will be at the King Solomon Hotel with the second set for the 15th at the multipurpose hall.