Nate, commonly known as Nate Heartsoa, has been inspired to work all out on a fourth album. "This album will be filled with some more modern beats and lyrics," said Nate.

Nate said that he has been inspired by 'the simple things in life' that are, in his opinion, often ignored. "Simple things like going to the market, you get to encounter interesting people who have interesting stories to tell," said Nate. "You do not need to be heartbroken to be a good song writer."

Although he has been dubbed Mr Heartsoa, Nate tries to stay focused on his music and that means very little time for a serious relationship. "I am still single so it gives me time to focus on my music, so not to worry fourth album will be here soon".

Nate has enjoyed huge popularity with the public in Honiara after the release of his first album which, by Honiara standards, was a "musical storm". Nate said that the response to his first album came as a shock to him. "Within the first few weeks the album was sold out, we had to make extra copies," said Nate.

Nate said that with the fourth album, he will try to keep his music simple so that the words to his music are clear. "I want people to hear what I have to say, I think I will do some rapping as well," said Nate.

With his very busy schedule, Nate was only able to do a quick interview with Solomon Times, but he promises to come back with a full length interview sometime soon.

With the short time we spent with Mr Heartsoa, it is obvious that what he lacks in size he makes up for it with a huge personal drive and self belief.