Despite losing out in the continuing 2008 Beach Soccer World Cup in Marseille France, goal getter for the Bilikiki side, James Naka still smiles.

"I'm delighted to be taking part in my third World Cup," he told in an exclusive post-match interview.

"It was a really tough couple of opening games against some of the top sides. We did our very best to stand up to them but I don't think we had any luck at all. Scoring a goal doesn't really mean anything when your team ends up losing."

Reports quote Naka as stating that as far as their team is concerned, they could have given the Italians plenty more to ponder had they had more time to get used to the conditions in Marseille.

"I think we arrived here a little late. The sand here is a little different to our beaches and it's far more tiring to play on this pitch than the ones we train on," he said.

Naka was called up to the Solomon Islands' national team for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa qualifiers last year, just before jetting off to Rio de Janeiro for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2007. It was an experience he took in his stride.

"To be honest, I find the Beach Soccer World Cup tougher than the qualification matches. The standard is a lot higher here," he explained.

Naka who has amazed spectators with his skills has scored 4 goals so far at this World Cup and 13 goals from seven world cup matches over 3 years.