Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) at Naha Police Station will now have better working conditions when attending to their duties following the completion and handing over of the refurbished Police Station in East Honiara today.

The Australian Government under the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and AFP Policing Partnership Program (RAPPP) funded the refurbishment project after it was partly burnt down by the looters and rioters during the November riot in Honiara in November 2021.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, RSIPF Commissioner Mostyn Mangau said, “I want to thank the RAPPP for their continuous support rendered to the RSIPF including the completion of this refurbished building we are now standing inside with pride. I am certain that all the Naha officers in Honiara are very proud of this new building and will perform their duties to the standard and level expected.”

The building allows a 24-hour Police Paradigms Shifts to be accommodated including a Fire buffer post that will enable them to respond quickly to any emerging situations.

Commissioner Mangau says, “I am very pleased with the completion of this refurbishment project as it will boost the morale of the officers serving here. I appeal to the officers who will be working here to show responsibility and look after this building.

“I ask that officers using the facilities to look after it and make use of it as a token of appreciation from the Australian government through both RSIPF/RAPPP partnership.”

He says that community leaders, Church leaders, women, youth and children from the East Zone Communities have to be acknowledged for their cooperation and support with the Police, especially for standing up to the rioters to defend the Naha Police Station from being fully damaged.

“I greatly appreciate the hard work done by the officers working in Naha Police Station and want to encourage them to continue with professionalism when performing their duties. Your commitment to the work that you do every day have saved many lives,” says Commissioner Mangau.

Naha 4 Community Chairman, Mr Tom Nanau said the reopening of Naha Police Station is very encouraging for the people residing in Naha. He says it is an important milestone for the community, and acknowledges the RAPPP partnership program for the great support for the refurbishment.

Mr Nanau said that the Police Station “belongs to us and we must look after it and be proud of the Commissioner of Police to take on that leadership role to reopen the Naha police station.

“The Community is blessed with the opening of Naha Police Station after this refurbishment. I assure the Naha community will work together with the police.”

Source: Police Media