An old man in his 50's was reportedly murdered in Lata, Temotu Province last Saturday, 4th of October.

A 24 year old male has been arrested and is currently with the police to assist in the investigation.

Deputy Commissioner of Administration Police, Mr. Walter Kola said that the incident was believed to have been the result of a domestic argument between the suspect and his wife, who is the daughter of the deceased.

Police Media believed that the suspect chased his wife who ran for protection at her father's home. During the row, the deceased was hit a several times with a piece of wood while trying to protect his daughter from harm.

The deceased received a number of injuries to his body and was later found dead in his home that same afternoon.

According to Mr. Walter Kola, the Solomon Islands Police Force together with their RAMSI counterparts are working on the investigations.

It is said that the suspect is yet to be charged as the matter is still under investigations.