Solomon Islands, today, joins the world to celebrate 'Conservation Day.'

Dunde Village, Munda, in the Western Province hosted this year's 'Conservation Day', which also gave them the chance to celebrate the newly formed 'Roviana Dunde Conservation Fund.'

Speaking during the opening, the Minister for Environment, Conservation and Meteorology, Hon. Gordon Darcy, stated that the day also marks the commitment of the Roviana people to working together.

"The Solomon Islands unique ecosystem has helped the Solomon Island's economy. It is important that the people are developing community based marine conservations throughout the Solomon Islands," Hon. Gordon Darcy said.

Solomon Islands is one of the seven countries under the Coral Triangle. Spanning Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Fiji and Northern Australia, the Coral Triangle is very rich and varied in marine species.

"Solomon Islands is an active member of the Coral Triangle and education on conservation, relevant legislative and strategies done to help areas in development on marine protected areas is important and needs to be ensured," stated Hon. Gordon Darcy.

The government under the Ministry for Environment, Conservation and Meteorology, recognizes the importance of conservation throughout the country and is working on supporting it.

Mr. Brian, a media personal for the 'Roviana Dunde Conservation Foundation' stated that sustainability has been practiced within the community and fish and mangroves crabs have shown increase in the conserved areas.

"With the newly formed conservation group, conservation programmes will slowly extend to other parts of the Western Province. Participation from the people of Western Province, will always be needed to protect the rich marine life that we have," continues Mr. Brian.