The multi-agency team which travelled to assess the effects of sea inundation on Pelau and Luaniua in Lord Howe returned to the capital Sunday.

Team Leader, Pearson Simi, Malaita Province's Disaster Coordinator, said the team briefed Premier Richard Naamo Irosaea Saturday.

Mr. Simi said the various agencies are writing their assessment reports and should send them to the National Disaster Council this week.

"The next course of action will be made once all the recommendations are received by the NDC," he said.

Meanwhile, National Disaster Management Office Director, Loti Yates, yesterday briefed NDC Chairman, Fred Fakari'i, about the trip.

"Further support for the people of Lord Howe will be made in the New Year," said Mr. Yates.

The islands of Lord Howe are mostly low-lying coral formations, the highest elevation being 13 metres. Only two of the islands are permanently inhabited.

Approximately 2000 people live on the atoll; with 1200 on the island of Luaniua in the eastern end and 800 on Pelau in the northeast.

Source: National Disaster Management Office (Press release)