Recent amendments to Parliamentary Entitlements Regulations has awarded terminal grants to spouses of Members of Parliaments amounting to 50-thousand dollars.

The terminal grant is payable at the end of each parliament life and is exempted from taxes.

Other significant amendments include increases to MP's Constituency Touring Allowances.

The allowance has been increased from 80-thousand dollars to 150-thousand dollars per annum.

Amendments have also been made to the use of this allowance.

Previously, the 80-thousand dollars was for an MP touring his constituency three times a year.

The regulation now states the M-P is allowed to use the new Constituency Touring Allowance of 150-thousand dollars "for purposes of meeting constituency projects, social commitments and any other items the MP deems necessary".

Zone Constituency Allowances has also been increased for all five zones stated in the Parliamentary Entitlements Regulations within a two-thousand dollar range for each zone.

The increases came into effect in April.

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