Finance Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, and government backbenchers, Charles Dausabea and Francis Zama, have resolved personal differences at a special reconciliation ceremony on Wednesday.

In a statement, Mr Lilo said that the disagreement was mainly on personal grounds saying that in life, people have to have disagreements in order to strengthen peoples' understanding and build stronger relations in the future.

"We had a very lovely reconciliation," he said. "This is a healthy thing in democracy, in a family you had a little quarrel and then it motivates you to build strong relations and move forward."

The Minister dismissed media speculations that suggested disunity in the Grand Coalition for Change Government (GCCG) - which threatened the loyalty of some government MPs'.

"In any government, members have their own ups and downs but we have been able to resolve ourselves and move forward in a very strong and renewed commitment," he said.

"The issue was blown out of proportion in the media and I have seen this as a case of simple misunderstanding and therefore it was easily resolved in the reconciliation," he said. "No money was involved and it came out of our hearts to reconcile."