Deputy Prime Minister Fred Fono says he believes that Constituency structures must be formally established as legal entities so that they can be accountable like provincial governments.

Speaking on the motion to increase Parliamentary seats from 50 to 70, Mr Fono says legalising the structures is important considering the economic rational of why Parliament needs to pass the motion.

Mr Fono says he sees the importance of Constituency structures as facilitating growth centres or agent of the government.

"I don't know other provinces, but services are at deadlock at the provincial level. That's why Constituencies should be seen as service delivery centres. I have been using that over the last 10 years. And more than that, Rural Livelihood Funds I have used mine last year, one million to construct 10 water supply projects."

He says rather than use the allocation under health, use some the money provided under the Rural Livelihood Fund.

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