A long time outspoken Member of Parliament, Hon. Edward Huni'ehu, passed away last night after long illness.

Although Doctors would not disclose the cause of his death, sources say that the MP had been sick for awhile. The Late Edward Huni'ehu was dedicated to serving his people and country, being one of the longest serving Member of Parliament he continued to serve despite his deteriorating health, a testament to his dedication.

The Late Edward Huniehu was first elected to the National Parliament of Solomon Islands for East Are Are Constituency in 1992 (bye-election). He was re-elected in 1993 and after exiting politics for a while to focus on personal plans the Late Edward Huniehu re-entered politics when he won the 2001 elections, and again in 2006.

The Late Edward Huni'ehu, who was the Minister for Energy, Mines and Rural Electrification also held senior Ministerial positions throughout his time in politics and was once the Leader of Opposition.

It is understood that the body of the Late Edward Huni'ehu will be laid to rest in his home village of Manawai in East Are Are, Malaita Province.