Guadalcanal Province has a new Premier.

Mover of the motion against the former premier, Stephen Panga was declared winner after a 12-9 vote in his favour.

Ousted premier, Joash Salani described the moment as "a true show of democracy in having a new leader and also part of the democratic system".

Speaking after the win, newly voted premier for Guadalcanal Province, Mr. Panga stated that what has been experienced in their province was a "political impasse".

"This political impasse must however not be entertained on Guadalcanal, leaders should have an understanding of their roles and be concerned for their people and not their benefits," Hon. Panga said.

He said that his government will establish a close work relationship and dialogue with the Sikua government.

"My government sees the bottom up approach as a vehicle that will carry Guadalcanal forward, provided we have adequate support," he said.

The official swearing in for the new premier will be held tomorrow at the Government House.