Opposition Leader, Steve Abana, has urged individuals and informal Malaita Movements to move away from the "Cargo Cult" mentality as development talks between Malaita and Israel representatives continues in Auki.

Opening the Malaita Economic Development Planning Conference in Auki, Mr Abana said the proposed Israeli-funded Malaita Economic Stimulus Package is not a "windfall of cash" to be given to Malaita.

He made the call in view of fresh misleading stories and beliefs circulating around Malaita that Israel will rescue Malaitans with cash handouts and boat-loads of cargo.

He instead clarified that the Israeli assistance package is aimed at "improving the livelihood of Malaitans that are renowned for their spirit of hard work."

He said under the arrangement, Malaita is now dealing with people "well renowned throughout the world for their hard work, ingenuity and survival."

The Conference will conclude its second day today.

A document to guide the stimulus package is expected to be discussed, developed and drafted throughout the conference.

It will be officially launched at the close of the workshop on November 10.