A memorandum of understanding (MOU) to establish trade links between Vanuatu and Temotu Province will be signed in late November.

The Culture and Tourism Minister of the Temotu Provincial Government, Stanley Tehi, told SIBC News that a task force has been set up to prepare for the signing.

Mr Tehi says a cleanup campaign and a school-based environmental education programme will be launched this week as part of the preparations.

"People have started to clean their schools, offices and surrounding areas, so there is very strong support from the community," said Mr Tehi.

Mr Tehi says a video clip will also be shown to the community on the different activities Vanuatu could do to promote Tourism in Temotu.

He says the Temotu Provincial Government and people are very supportive and hopeful of the trade link agreement between Temotu and Vanuatu.

"Everybody will be seeking to take part effectively in the planned trade link and the MOU will pave the way."

Mr Tehi says that the MOU will facilitate institutional links particularly in the field of tourism but he hopes it would extend to other areas such as trade in goods and the arts.