The Solomon Islands National Parliament yesterday passed a motion to review the Facilitation of International Assistance Act under which the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI, operates.

The motion was moved by the Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua. In moving the motion Dr Sikua stated that two of the three original reasons for the international assistance were properly outlined while the third needs further clarification.

Mr Sikua said that the motion basically seeks approval from parliament to refer the International Assistance Notice to the Foreign Relations Committee for inquiry, review and report.

Dr Sikua said that the Foreign Relations Committee will find ways in which RAMSI can develop programmes according to Solomon Islands' plans and aspirations.

Dr Sikua said the government decided to let the Foreign Relations Committee do the review because even if Parliament is in recess, it can still continue with the review and eventual report.

He said the Foreign relations Committee should report its findings to Parliament before November 14.

Parliament will resume on Monday as there is no business for today.