The Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has stated very clearly in yesterday's press conference that Moti will only leave if fresh evidence were presented.

"In fact I will be the first one to put him on the plane if fresh evidence were made available" Mr Sogavare said. "At the moment I do not have any reason to do so, as it is nothing more then political persecution"

Mr Sogavare has been heavily criticized for his decision to re-appoint Julian Moti as the countries Attorney General. "The expressions that have come out now amount to criminal defamation and that's quite serious" Mr Sogavare said "I hope that people making these comments are aware of the extent to which they are taking this issue"

Prime Minister Sogavare says a lot of what has been said on the Moti issue were spoken out of context as many do not know the full extent of the case. "There is a danger in joining a public debate on issues that one does not know" said Mr Sogavare. "People must get their facts right on such sensitive issues"

Mr Sogavare continues to assure Solomon Islanders that his government is dealing with the Moti issue within the law of the country.