Dr John Roughan stated that Mr. Moti's suspension order, as Attorney General, will be lifted within the next two weeks.

The lifting of the suspension order by the government effectively means Mr Moti will be the Attorney General of Solomon Islands. This comes amidst criticisms from the Opposition and conflicting reports in the media.

Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr John Roughan, stated that the issue has gone far enough and it is time to move on. "Mr Moti is an innocent man, the Vanuatu courts cleared him and that's the government's position" Dr Roughan said. "All the evidence claimed by Australia has not surfaced and it's been eight months"

Dr Roughan went on to say that in light of this Julian Moti is still qualified for the Attorney Generals position. "Mr Moti has suffered enough, and eight months is such a long time"

The Julian Moti affair has caused a strain in relations between Australia and the Solomon Islands. Australia continues to insist that Mr. Moti has committed a crime and being an Australian citizen must face up to the courts of Australia.