The Chairman of the Public Service Commission Edmund Anderson stated that his office has not lifted the suspension order of Julian Moti.

This comes in light of a recent press release by the government stating its intentions to re-appoint Mr Moti as its Attorney General. "The PSC will not lift the suspension order until allegations leveled against Moti are cleared" Mr Anderson said. "The executive arm of Government can pursue what it wants however the position of the Commission remains clear, Moti is still under suspension"

Mr Anderson went on to say that they are still awaiting a formal submission to lift the ban. "The Commission will be having a meeting early next week, Moti's case is not on the agenda" Mr Anderson said.

Mr Anderson also confirmed that he had a meeting with the Acting Attorney General Nuatali Tongaratu concerning Moti's case. "What has been discussed will be raised in the Commission" Mr Anderson said.

Mr Moti has been under suspension by the PSC after fresh allegations were brought to light concerning a child sex offence that was allegedly committed in Vanuatu. His suspension order has prevented him from carrying out his official duties as the duly appointed Attorney General of Solomon Islands. In recent weeks Moti's case has re surfaced after Government decided to lift the suspension order and re appoint him as Attorney General.