Julian Moti has challenged Tim George to get a Court injunction to stop National Parliament's proposed review of the Facilitation of International Assistance Act (FIAA).

Mr. Moti's comment came amidst recent claims by the RAMSI Special Coordinator, Mr. George, that the AG's legal advice to Government was "fundamentally flawed and muddled". Mr. George also stated that the advice also touched on areas that were, in his opinion, policy matters.

However the AG said that "the overwhelming majority of Parliament", including the Leader of the Opposition and Deputy Speaker, supported the review initiated by Government.

He questioned the lack of participation from Mr. George in last month's FIAA review, "a process in which our Parliament was merely reasserting its constitutional authority to make and unmake laws for the 'peace, order and good government' of Solomon Islands".

Mr. Moti called on the Visiting Contingent's Head, Mr. George to "comb through the records" instead of "ventilating his understandable frustrations".

"The concerns recently expressed by our MPs echo what is reported in Hansard during the passage of FIAA in July 2003," he adds.