The Opposition leader is again calling on the government to seriously reconsider going ahead with its plans to lift Julian Moti's suspension.

"The position of the Attorney General will be compromised when you have such a person at the top" Mr Fono said. "How can a person advice the government on legal matters when he himself has outstanding legal matters"

The Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr John Roughen, had earlier hit out at the opposition leader stating that the Vanuatu courts have already cleared Mr Moti. "Australia keeps on claiming that they have new evidence against Mr. Moti, something we are not aware of" Dr Roughen said. "It has been eight months, this issue has gone long enough and Mr. Moti has suffered enough, we have decided to go ahead with his appointment"

Mr Fono has been constantly calling on the government not to "tamper with the independence of the judiciary". "We have information that there is talk among government circles to get the Police Commissioner to report directly to the Prime Minister". Mr Fono said. "This is serious tampering with the judicial arm of the executive"