The Central Magistrates Court in Honiara has placed an interim order in relation to the deportation of Australian lawyer, Julian Moti.

Solicitor for Mr. Moti, Wilson Rano, told SIBC news that the appeal is between Julian Moti as Plaintiff and the Director of Immigration as First Defendant and Commissioner of Police as the Second Defendant.

He confirmed that among the court orders, the execution of the order for deportation of the Applicant be stayed pending the hearing and determination by the Court of Appeal of Solomon Islands on last weekend's High Court decision.

SIBC news quotes Mr. Rano as stating that if that the interim order is to be set aside, the Immigration and the Police must either appeal it or apply to have it discharged.

Mr. Rano informed SIBC news that as solicitors for Moti, they must be notified as well of any intending applications.

It is not yet certain whether Mr. Moti will leave the country today on a flight bound for Brisbane.