Solomon Water says that as of this morning the Kongulai pump and gravity system and the Kombito spring will remain shut due to high turbidity caused by heavy rainfall.

The statement says that the following areas will continue to be affected by low pressure or water outage:

West Honiara

Tanaghai, Windy Valley, Namaruka, Banana Valley, Laundry Valley, Rifle Range, Tasahe A, B & C, Ngossi Ridge, Tandai Heights, Tinge Ridge, Tavio, Ngossi Valley, Rove Police Quarters, Rove Seafront, Mbokona, Mbumburu, Geology, Rewa Road, Mbokona School, Ministers Ridge.

Central Honiara

Kaibia, Vavaya Ridge, Papaho, Mbokanvera Heights, Skyline Memorial, Koa Hill, Mbokanvera 1 – 5, Choviri, Tehamurina, Fijian Quarter, Papaho to Mataniko, Cana Hill, Vara Creek Heights, Aekafo/Jericho, East & West Kola Ridge, Matariu, Koloale School, Koloale Home Finance, Koloale FFA Ridge, Feraladoa, Fulisango, 777 Bus Stop, Naha Heights, Tanuli, Mbua Valley.

East Honiara

Kukum Heights, Fulisango East Zion, Kombivatu, Green Valley, Naha Heights, Fishing Village, Kukum SINU, Panatina Plaza, Marine/SINU, Lio Ridge, Lau Valley, West Panatina Ridge, Mbaranamba Low & Mbaranamba Ridge, Kombito Spring, Gilbert Camp, Lau Valley, Lio Creek, Panatina Village, Panatina East and West, Tanakake, Panatina SINU and KGVI Staff quarter at higher ridges and Burns Creek.

Solomon Water encourages those still receiving water to store water and to boil water before drinking or cooking. 

Solomon Water says they are constantly monitoring the situation and will turn on supply as soon as it is safe to do so.

For more information, phone: 23985 or email: or visit Solomon Water on its Facebook page.