More than 80 Solomon Islanders are leaving for China today under the PRC Education scholarship program.

Since the country switched Diplomatic ties from Taiwan to China in 2019, this is the first big group of Solomon Islanders heading to China under the education cooperation in the China-Solomon relationship.

The students will be studying in various universities in China, sponsored by the PRC Government. The Chinese Embassy says their trip to China was delayed and long overdue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Chinese Embassy was working in close contact with the Ministry of Education in Solomon Islands to arrange the student’s travel to China.

Among the group of students were a few dependents and relatives of government MPs including the Prime Minister. The Chinese Embassy says their universities have strict rules and high standards for performance of international students.

The students are leaving Honiara on a special charter flight by Solomon Airlines. On its return, the Airline will also bring back citizens and workers for some of the government’s projects currently in progress.