The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) have arrested more than hundred suspects in relation to the current protest, riot and looting in Honiara.

Commissioner Mr Mostyn Mangau says, “I must make it very clear here that No one is above the law. We are expected to live and make decisions within the principles of the rule of law regardless of our positions in our society. I therefore forewarned that if anybody is found in breach of such illegal activities, Police will not hesitate to arrest and deal with him/her.”

Commissioner Mangau says, “Please stop the looting and burning of infrastructures. Nothing will benefit you with such activities. Let me reiterate my call to those involved in those illegal activities to stop. These commercial infrastructures are the beating heart for the revenue of this country and that is where the benefits drift to service all our domestic services, even our wages and daily consumptions.”

“My Good residents of Honiara City, as we all know, Honiara City is a multi-cultural society. Therefore, I as your Police Commissioner hereby appeal to each one living in the City to respect each other, as well as our visiting friends from abroad."

"Please take a moment to visit our actions with following questions; Is our actions fair to all concerned? Will our actions build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will our actions be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?"

Police are working closely with the office of the Director Public Persecution (DPP) for possible charges to be laid against the suspects.

Source: RSIPF Media