At least 20 additional seasonal workers from Solomon Islands, including 3 females and 17 males have been recruited under the Labour Mobility Scheme to work in Australia’s horticulture industry.

The workers are expected to leave for Australia later this month following their successful selection by a recruitment agent - the SLN Business Solutions.

SLN Business Solution’s knowledge and understanding of the Australian market makes it easier to find employment opportunities for unskilled workers from Solomon Islands.

During a briefing with the workers in Honiara, Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Bernard Bata’anisia encouraged the workers to become good ambassadors of Solomon Islands as they begin their employment in a foreign country.

“The country expects from you total commitment, good behavior, professionalism and dedication while you are out there in Australia. You must respect and obey the laws of Australia and not to do anything that might be detrimental to your work and stay in Australia,” Mr Bata’anisia told the workers.

He said the challenge and responsibility before them are huge as the workers are going to a foreign country with different cultures, background and way of life.

“For all of you, there might be culture shock or other challenges you may face on the ground. But I urge you to maintain calm and focus on your goal and the reason why you are going to Australia and that is to work with your employer and perform to the best of your ability. Show them the skills and talents that you have and demonstrate that that we can also do the job well,” Mr Bata’anisia

Solomon Islands already have seasonal workers in New Zealand and Australia where they have already earned the respect and trust from the various employers in the two countries.

The workers were challenged to maintain that standard and professionalism and not to bring it into disrepute.

“The continued success of our future employment in Australia and New Zealand depends on your performance, dedication and professionalism in your work,” the workers were told.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, through the Labour Mobility Unit will continue to work in this important area in looking for opportunities for Solomon Islanders in the seasonal workers scheme in both Australia and New Zealand.

This will be done in close partnership with the Agents in Solomon Islands, in Australia and New Zealand as well as with the Governments of the two countries.


Press Release: Government Communications Unit