This morning, Solomon Times produced 81 names of people with arrest warrants from the police. These are the other 81 names of people.

This information has been provided to the media to assist in locating persons against whom a warrant has been issued for their arrest.

This information merely reflects the existence of an arrest warrant at a certain point in time.

It is important to remember that the persons named are presumed innocent until such time, if ever, he or she is convicted of an offence.

The information is based on records provided by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and the Solomon Islands Magistrates Court.

Publication of this information does not guarantee it is either accurate or current.

Below is the list of people with outstanding warrants.

As previously advised, the list starts with 'A' and will be followed on alphabetically.

82.ALE, Leonard 1988
83.AFI, Peter 1986
84.ALOGA, Timothy
85.ANIRARASUU, Janet 1987
86.WALE, Wendy 1981
87.WALEBURI, Goretty 1987
88.MAEFOLOSI, Nancy 1987
89.ALDO, John 1995
90.ALUFURAI, Leonard 1989
91.ASIPI, Adam 1991
92.ANI ANNIE, Mary 1986
93.AINIWAPU, Basil jnr 1990
94.HOKARE, Kalesto
95.WAKAHIKENI, Francis 1965
96.WAKIOPU, John 1952
97.AILA, Charles Sale 1975
98.AMEA, Raymond
99.AFIA, Billy 1989
100.ABRAHAM, Luke Memua 1983
101.AIGWARO, Dickson Dio 1991
102.ALONOLIA, Joseph 1988
103.BASIRAMO, Barnabas 1987
104.AFIASI, Billy 1990
105.DAREEN, John 1996
106.AMA, Harry 1962
107.AENASI, Oge 1969
108.AIPEA, Jeffrey 1991
109.ALUKETEA, Aloisio 1985
110.ANIBAO, John James 1990
111.ATALE, Stewart Stephen 1986
112.ATALE, William 1959
113.AUFUSI, Samson 1990
114.AMOS, Bradley 1985
115.ARIKI, James Kawaio 1967
116.AKOASIA, Eric 1995
117.ANIKA, Stephen Steward 1980
118.ALAFURAI, Wilson 1992
119.AFUNA, Freda 1986
120.AVELEGU, George 1988
121.ASUANA, Eddie 1971
122.ALOKINA, Livingston 1986
123.ALIFEOA, Charles Tuke 1973
124.ASIRAMO, Noel 1977
125.ANDRESEN, Edmund 1944
126.AU'U, Alfred 1983
127.ALUFURAI, Leonard 1990
128.AUMALEFO, Alfred 1983
129.ABANA, Jack Billy 1977
130.AKESO, Martin 1985
131.ALOKOSALA, Jimson Augustine 1987
132.ANOWAI, Dick
133.ANGINIA, David 1982
134.DAVID, Charles 1981
135.AMAO, Timothy 1972
136.ALARI, Janet 1978
137.ABANA, Fulton 1973
138.AMAGELE, Kelly 1982
139.ATAUEA, John 1983
140.AVU, Desmond 1982
141.AU, Steven Dick 1986
142.ADIFAKA, Jowie Brown 1984
143.ATU, Alick 1979
144.AENASI, Ologa 1972
145.AUKWASI, Mostine Moses 1986
146.AUMALEFO, Alfred 1983
147.ALUTA, Ben Toata 1979
148.ALA, Joe 1983
149.ALI, James 1979
150.AKWASIA, Andrew 1986
151.AWOKO, John Robert
152.ABANA-SAMANI, Nickson 1977
153.ABA, Jeffrey 1988
154.LOA, Rocky 1989
155.KAKAI, Cravis 1989
156.AUGA, Kalisto 1975
157.AUGA, Willy 1989
158.AUGA, Albert 1988
159.ANISI-TETEO, James 1992
160.AUBURI, Redley 1982
161.ANISI, Simon 1987
162.FESTUS FILIMU, James 1988